Company Quilt

A Luxurious Year-Round Essential

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A Quilt for all Seasons

Meet your new favorite layer. An essential for every bed, our Company Quilt is soft and lightweight—a pure indulgence. It’s the perfect quilt for summer nights or to add weight and warmth on winter evenings.

  • Hand pick-stitching lends texture
  • Airy 100% cotton voile adds softness
  • Versatile shades, dyed for color that lasts

Seasonal Tones, Perfect For Pairing

Our designers selected a color palette that transitions with your style throughout the seasons—so you can enjoy the Company Quilt year-round. Pairs perfectly with our assortment of solid and patterned sheets. So go ahead, mix and match!

It's all in the details

The Company Quilt is hand sewn with pick-stitching, adding textural dimension to the bed.

  • • Hand-Stitched
  • • Fine Craftsmanship

ultra-rich pigments. lasting color.

You don’t want fillers in your turkey, so why accept fillers in your fabric dyes? We used only the richest and potent dyes available when producing the Company Quilt, so you can enjoy year-after-year comfort and long-lasting color.

The Perfect Balance

Our Company Quilt will keep you feeling just right, so you’re never too hot or too cold. It’s the ideal layer for warm summer nights or to provide extra warmth and weight throughout the winter.

  • • 100% Cotton Fill
  • • Light-As-Air Cotton Voile