Down Comforters

The finest cotton and quality down clusters, assembled with careful attention to detail, and offering years of warmth and comfort: treat yourself to the lasting value of a classic down comforter, US-made with pride since 1911.

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Down Comforters

We're your single best source for down comforters, having handcrafted them in LaCrosse, Wisconsin since 1911. Use this Comforter Guide to determine the warmth level that's right for you, then choose the color or pattern that reflects your personal style. The LaCrosse Down Comforter is our best seller. It comes in a rainbow of vibrant colors, so you’re by no means limited to the classic white. Packed with meticulously cleaned down, this is a truly hypoallergenic down comforter that allergy sufferers can still enjoy. It’s sewn with a 12" box construction that prevents down from shifting, keeping you warm and cozy throughout the night.

The Legends Royal White Goose Down Comforter is packed with 700-750 fill power of Hungarian goose down – one of the finest downs in existence. This coveted comforter infuses your daily life with luxury. Sumptuously soft, this comforter comes in four different warmth levels – light, medium, extra warm and ultra-warm. For those living in warmer climate, the St. Tropez lightweight down comforter rests gently on the body, but is supremely cozy. It comes in a varied palette and is reversible, so switch it up from time to time to beat back the blahs. Match any of our luxurious down comforters with a sumptuous down pillow.

What is goose down?

Down is under plumage — the layer of insulation underneath the feathers of ducks, geese and other water birds. Lightweight and fluffy, each down cluster has thousands of tiny filaments that radiate outward and interlock, creating tiny pockets of air. These air pockets are what keep warmth in, enhanced by your body's own heat. At the same time, down "breathes," allowing air to circulate and wick away moisture. Goose down clusters are highly sturdy, keeping their shape for years. This resilience, along with down's light weight and powerful insulating properties, are what make it such an appealing fill for blankets, comforters and clothing.

What is fill power?

Fill power is the number of cubic inches taken up by one ounce of down clusters. It's determined by the size and strength of the goose down clusters — the bigger, the better — and how much "loft" and insulation they provide. Higher fill power down has more heat-trapping air pockets, yet is lighter in weight.