Heading off to college? Get everything you need to bring the comfort of home with you.

The 6 Step Checklist to Dorm Living

This handy checklist will help you build a lasting bed that provides the most comfort for you. We offer a full line of quality bedding essentials that will last more than a few semesters, and are sized to match the Twin-XL mattresses found on most college campuses. Bring the quality of The Company Store® with you... and don’t forget the legendary LaCrosse® Down Comforter.

Have you seen a college mattress? Not always pretty - but we can transform it! Our mattress pads and toppers add a layer of soft support, while our pillow, mattress, and comforter protectors keep your bedding fresh, and prolong its life.

Are you studying in Florida or Colorado? Our comforters come in 4 different warmth levels, for temperatures from breezy to frigid; plus our duvet covers protect, enliven, and are easily washable. Layer with our blankets to keep the chill of Winter away.

Our Twin-XL fitted sheets are specially fitted to your dorm room mattress. Take along an extra set or two! You’ll want to switch things up now and then if you get around to doing laundry (or just bring it home for Mom). SHOP NOW »

Don’t skimp on your pillow; a quality pillow goes a long way. Choose from a sumptuous goose down or hypoallergenic Primaloft® fill and select a soft, medium, or firm density. Buy it once, and it will last all 4 years!

Thick, thirsty, oversized bath towels are a must, of course, and a plush bathrobe will keep you comfy and dry as you walk from your room to the shower.

Carve out your own space! Accent rugs bring life to the dull floors of a dorm and coordinating curtains can add privacy. Don’t forget a pouf for your guests to have a place to relax and “study”. Storage baskets are essential to keeping your room tidy in a decorative way.