College Bedding (Twin XL) Frequently Asked Questions

Did you know that college dorm room Twin beds are longer than regular Twin beds? We have all of the information that you need to send your kids off to college in comfort and style. Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions about college bedding.

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Frequently asked questions about college dorm bedding.

What is the size of a Twin XL mattress?

A Twin XL mattress is standard for most college dorm rooms and residence halls. Since Twin XL beds are made with saving space in mind, it does not offer any more width than a standard twin. However, at 39 in. wide by 80 in. long, Twin XL mattresses are longer in length to give more room to stretch out.

Below are the measurements for the different mattress sizes to help guide you when finding the right bedding.

Size Dimensions
Twin 39 in. x 75 in.
Twin XL 39 in. x 80 in.
Full 54 in. x 75 in.
Queen 60 in. x 80 in.
King 76 in. x 80 in.
Cal King 72 in. x 84 in.

Can a Twin comforter fit on a Twin XL bed?

You may be able to fit a Twin comforter on a Twin XL bed but be mindful that the length of the comforter may be short.

The most important measurement to know when purchasing Twin XL bedding for your dorm room mattress is the fitted sheet. If the fitted sheet does not account for these depths, you may run the challenge of keeping the fitted sheet on the bed.

A Twin XL flat sheet is not needed because you don’t need one! The Company Store®’s regular Twin flat sheets are generously sized to fit both types of Twin mattresses. So, to be safe, when purchasing bedding for a Twin XL bed, make sure it fits the size mattress.

Will a Twin XL comforter fit a Full mattress?

When using Twin XL bedding on a Full-size mattress, the comforter and flat sheet will be too small and the fitted sheet will not be able to fit.

Will a Full-size comforter fit a Twin XL bed?

According to the measurements above, a Full-size comforter can fit a Twin XL mattress; however, it may be too big and touch the floor on the sides.

What are the measurements of a Twin XL comforter?

Our Twin XL comforters and duvet covers are 70 in. wide by 96 in. long.



Hi. The cover for your "LaCrosse" comforters is cotton "Twill"? Hoping that is not shiny like "Sateen" cotton finish?? Thanks.

Asked by Sales on 11/09/2018
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Thank you for your inquiry. The LaCrosse comforters are not shiny like a sateen cotton.

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