Celliant® Sheets

high performance technology
for better sleep

Celliant Sheets - High performance technology

What is Celliant®?

Celliant® is a revolutionary, patented technology that, through the use of fibers, converts the body's natural energy into infrared light and emits it into the body's tissues and muscles.

Celliant Sheets - How does it work?
Celliant Sheets - How does it work?

Enhanced Sleep

clinically proven to enhance the rest from sleep, with subjects falling asleep 15 minutes faster on average in a pilot study


Celliant® Sheet Benefits

promotes increased bloodflow

promotes increased bloodflow & circulation

more restful sleep

Celliant® fibers designed to provide a more restful sleep

regulate body temperature

body temperature regulation

reduce minor aches and pains

helps reduce minor aches and pains

lasts the life of fabric

mineral woven fibers that won't wash out and lasts the life of the fabric

keeps bed fresher

antimicrobial finish keeps the bed fresher to boost durability

Enhance your sleep today.

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