Allergy Relief

We’ve got allergy sufferers covered. Our down-free mattress pads and bed protectors will keep your bed clean, dry and free of dust mites and other irritants.

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Allergy Relief Mattress Pads and Protectors

Allergy sufferers know the feeling of waking up with a stuffy nose, itchy eyes and headaches all too well. Keep your bed dry, clean and free from irritants with and allergy relieving mattress cover. End the discomfort and start waking up rested and refreshed with our great selection of products.

If you experience discomfort while sleeping because of allergies, have chemical sensitivities or skin irritations, the Organic Cotton Allergy Protector is perfect for you. Encase your mattress, box spring, comforter and pillows with this allergy protector made from 100 percent certified organic cotton, and you’ll finally enjoy a full and relaxed night’s sleep. This is the most natural bedding protector you can get without sacrificing comfort or quality.

Sleep easy knowing the Bed Bug Protective Cover Set will deter this annoying and hard-to-find pest. The premium bed bug protector has a stretch-knit cover to create an impenetrable, bite-proof fabric barrier. Designed with a soft and silky surface, it’s both comfortable and quiet, for a sound sleep with unmatched protection.

Made from virgin wool, the Imperial Wool Mattress Pad delivers cloud-like comfort. Assembled with 100 percent American wool, the Imperial pad is 1-1/4", allowing you to sink into comfort night after night. Wool acts as a natural thermostat, wicking away moisture on hot nights and working as a natural insulator during cold months.

The 100 percent cotton allergen control Dust-Mite Proof Protectors/Covers shields your bed from harmful allergens so you can get a great night’s sleep. Made without added chemicals, harsh treatments or sticky coatings, this protective cover features a patented membrane-free cotton fabric with microscopic pores that keep allergens out.