Fusing time-honored tradition with imaginative, original designs, our handcrafted cotton quilts venture from the bold and bright to the subtle and sophisticated.

  • SALE: $39.00-$249.00
  • $39.00-$289.00
    SALE: $49.00-$289.00
  • SALE: $49.00-$289.00
  • $39.00-$249.00
    SALE: $169.00-$249.00
  • $49.00-$259.00
    CLEARANCE: $28.99-$154.99
  • SALE: $59.00
  • $44.00-$249.00
    SALE: $39.00-$199.00
  • $49.00-$269.00
    CLEARANCE: $35.99-$199.99
  • $49.00-$299.00
    CLEARANCE: $35.99-$223.99
  • SALE: $39.00-$299.00
  • SALE: $49.00-$289.00
  • $49.00-$269.00
    CLEARANCE: $28.99-$159.99

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Our extraordinary collection of handcrafted whole-cloth and patchwork quilts are like one-of-a-kind works of art, and are a beautiful way to infuse your room with color, pattern and sumptuous texture.

Refresh your seasonal style with a traditional or contemporary quilt. Our ever-changing selection of imaginative designs features an artful array of florals, classic yarn-dyed stripes and global-chic patchworks. Modern quilts in subdued solids or bold, graphic patterns become a striking focal point in contemporary settings. Vintage florals, assembled from an eclectic assortment of prints, are a rich accompaniment to any bed.